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A new look for a new era of patient engagement.

Cheryl Lubbert  -  10/06/2020

I’m excited. OK, I’m actually REALLY excited.

Today, we rolled out our new website and I can’t wait for you to see it (unless you’re reading this on our blog, in which case I can’t wait to hear what you think about it).

As great as the site looks, this update is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about sharing how we have broadened and deepened our capabilities over recent years to more fully serve our clients and patients—and how we are putting those capabilities to good use in the new world in which we find ourselves.

Engaging with people safely and compliantly.

The ways in which people interact with each other and go about their lives will likely never be the same. Right now, with the health of so many people dependent on keeping our distance and wearing masks, video has never been more important for expressing ourselves and connecting with one another in a deeply human way.

Not being able to share the same physical spaces with groups of people has opened our eyes to the potential to create shared experiences and rich interactions using other means. It’s led us to think beyond the webinar and develop a whole new model for virtual events that are more interactive and incorporate opportunities to participate before and after a single meeting date.

Remote engagement, virtual engagement, whatever you want to call it – is here to stay, is increasingly sophisticated, and it opens the door for so many more people to connect with others in meaningful ways than has ever been possible before.

The Virtual Solutions and Technology we offer are specifically tailored to meet this moment and serve the needs of patients, caregivers, and healthcare organizations during this new era of health engagement. Our new website brings these solutions into the spotlight.

Expanding the patient engagement mindset to clinical development.

We‘ve been working with clinical teams to integrate the patient perspective into trial design and support services for a decade now. More recently, we have taken that know-how, combined it with our patient engagement expertise, and launched a full range of trial recruitment and support technologies and services.

Whether it’s improving trial design or enhancing the trial participation experience, we understand that sponsors have unique goals that require specialized strategies to achieve. Recruiting for clinical trials has always been a challenge but doing it during COVID-19 is uncharted territory.

We enhance clinical programs through high-touch virtual engagement strategies, data-driven insights, and state-of the-art technology so that organizers can complete trials faster – even with smaller budgets.

Does this mean we’ve shifted our focus away from building patient-centric commercial programs? Not at all. We’ve just made it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for by featuring clinical-specific content on our website.

Reaching the broader health community.

People are more than a diagnosis (and they often have more than just one). We recognized this nearly ten years ago, which is why we created Health Stories Project, a thriving online community of people who want to share their personal health experiences with a broad range of stakeholders throughout the healthcare community.

Through its website, social media channels, content partners, and advertising, Health Stories Project engages with over half a million health consumers monthly. It features a dedicated team who produce content, establish and maintain relationships with patients, and continues to grow membership at a rapidly accelerating pace.

Health Stories Project provides an open channel based on a trusted consumer brand that allows us to precisely target and engage with health consumers, even ones we don’t yet have relationships with. By meeting patients where they are, we remove barriers to participate and we achieve deeper engagement.

We consider Health Stories Project an essential partner which enhances our ability to help healthcare companies with their own patient-centric initiatives, so our new website now highlights this partnership.

Looking forward.

I’ve touched upon some key focus areas, but the thing I’m most excited about is that the new website features a redesigned blog. Stay tuned for regular updates from me and other leaders at Health Perspectives Group – we’ll be offering our take on what’s happening in the healthcare space and how it relates back to the most important thing of all, the patient experience.

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