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Do you have the insights needed for a successful product launch?

Jean McCoy  -  6/18/2020

Your organization is no doubt driven by highly capable individuals with deep experience in the field. You’ve got terrific ideas and noble goals. But even the most educated of us should routinely look outside our heads for fresh ideas and perspective—because that can prove to be what truly differentiates a product or program from scores of others.

Your study and application of this information can make all the difference between a launch that falls short and one that leads to your next breakthrough. Below are four areas around which to focus your insight-gathering efforts before you deem an initiative ready to put before consumers.

Assess and Size Needs

How well do you really know your target market? It’s essential to develop a deep understanding of their unique needs so you can formulate a properly scaled plan for how your product will meet them. Start with advisory boards and patient councils to zero in on the right themes before deploying broader surveys to confirm with a larger sample.

Understand Influencers

Who is already making an impact with your potential customers? Identifying relevant Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) and Patient Opinion Leaders (POLs) and analyzing their activity is vital for understanding what matters to patients and who you can partner with to amplify your impact. Figure out which patient-centric goals you share with them and determine how you can work together to achieve them.

Define, Design, and Build

What sets you apart from the rest? Every element of your strategy should be informed by qualitative and quantitative insights so that you offer a compelling, differentiated product that meets your consumer audience needs. Surveys, advisory boards, and in-depth interviews are the way to start, followed by co-creation sessions and patient councils.

Position and Message

How will you communicate in way that resonates? Your position and voice must come from input gathered from real health consumers and articulate how your product uniquely fits their needs. Don’t go to market before you’ve tested and refined this message by gathering feedback. Consider creating a Health Research Online Community (HROC) where you can pressure test each idea with a representative group of patients.

Can you check all these boxes for the product you’re thinking of right now? If you’ve already done your homework, your path toward success is likely less uncertain—but if unanswered questions remain, it’s wiser to revisit your plans, and apply insights, to fill in those blanks.

A true partnership with patients means giving them a seat at the table and a role in developing launch messaging, materials, and programs.

Whatever the status of your initiatives, it’s imperative to apply patient thinking and leverage valuable data so you’re more likely to have the positive impact you seek.

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