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Mars vs. Venus: Men, Women, Trust and BioPharma

Cheryl Lubbert  -  7/11/2016

You know that men and women are so different that we have to look to the planets to sort out the contrast. But when it comes to trusting the biopharmaceutical industry, we’ve found that the genders are at the same time similar and different.

Health Perspectives Group has conducted a revealing survey among women making healthcare decisions asking how much they trust the pharmaceutical industry – the WEST Survey on Pharma: Women’s Engagement, Satisfaction & Trust. We also conducted the same survey among 300 men, the MENT Survey on Pharma: Men’s Engagement, Needs & Trust.

We undertook both surveys with the goal of understanding how true patient engagement can help build a foundation of trust with these important audiences. This month, we have published a white paper in PharmaVOICE, “Mars vs. Venus: Men, Women, Trust and Biopharma,” comparing the results of both surveys.

The results were very revealing - check out the full white paper here.

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