Coronary Artery Disease

We leverage years of experience and best-in-class proprietary tools to find the right patients and inspire participation.

Unrivaled Access

Through our innovative solutions and novel community outreach programs, we have reached patients across hundreds of therapeutic areas and have successfully recruited thousands over the years.

Arthritis & Dermatology


Neurological, Brain Disorders & Mental Health

Pain, Musculoskeletal & Neuromuscular

Cardiovascular & Respiratory

Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

Oncology / Hematology


Medical Devices


Women's Health / Maternal Health

Rare Conditions

Driven By Analytics and Insights

Built on a foundation of proven processes and technology platforms, our analytical approach to recruitment conserves resources and sets our clients up for success.


Ensure alignment by uncovering and documenting overarching objectives, client expectations, and recruitment criteria.


View each opportunity through a strategic lens, selectively opening recruitment channels based on the unique circumstances of individual projects.


Track progress toward agreed-upon goals, altering or iterating tactics with a nimble, growth-oriented mindset.

Strategic Use of Channels

We deploy customized recruitment strategies buttressed by our deep experience working with business partners across client organizations.


We leverage our compliant processes to engage trial sites, inspiring them to share unique opportunities with patients.

Healthcare Providers

Using a systematic approach, we build relationships with healthcare providers and provide seamless solutions to enable patients to raise their hands.

Patient Support Centers

We provide an efficient pathway to mobilize internal partners and optimize existing patient touch points.

Product/Disease Websites

We enable interested patients to directly opt in to your program through reverbaBRIDGE™, our proprietary engagement platform.


Utilizing proven best practices, we empower those already engaged with your brand to take action.


Using our relationships or yours, we help establish shared objectives and a common cause to facilitate advocacy support.

What Makes Us Unique

Our partnership with the social-sharing community, Health Stories Project, enables us to offer opportunities to an engaged community of over 100,000 members who are ready and willing to share their personal health experiences. Dynamic recruitment efforts to reach new patient populations are supported by the connection to this trusted consumer-driven platform.

What our clients say about us


I wanted to thank you for a fantastic job on our first official project! The patient video you created on a VERY expedited timeline turned out so well.

- Brand Manager

I’m impressed with your ability to engage the patient in a manner to evoke such a moving story after so few interactions.

- Marketing Manager

Thank you for all the efforts to coordinate this project – the insights we gleaned were so important to making sure we have the right and clear information for our patients in the future.

- Sr. Associate, Marketing & Sales Planning

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