Reverba, a global patient engagement company, creates transformative tech-enabled solutions to build a bridge between patients and biopharma companies from clinical development through commercialization.

reverba bridge

is purpose-built engagement technology that enables compliant relationships, built on trust, between sponsors and health consumers.

Through our reverbaBRIDGE™ platform, we offer a range of unique technologies built for specific purposes within two distinct channels: the commercial and clinical sides of your business.


Engage with healthcare consumers throughout the product lifecycle to build relationships, change behavior, and create champions.


Improve trial design, increase recruitment, and enhance the trial participation experience by adopting a patient-centered approach.

Reverba Bridge - Commercial
reverba speak

Mobilizes networks to share their experiences with patients, providers, and other audiences

reverba mentor

Allows experienced patients to compliantly share their personal health experiences one-on-one with others seeking information and support

reverba connect

Creates a compliant and trusting partnership to amplify the patient’s voice across a myriad of activities and engagements to educate and inspire others like them

Reverba Bridge - Clinical
reverba link

Fills the recruitment funnel through education and delivers pre-qualified, trial-ready candidates directly to clinical trial sites

reverba pulse

Allows sponsors to gain actionable insights to improve clinical trial experience and design

reverba alum

Establishes a direct, compliant sponsor-to-patient connection during and after a trial


Relationship Management

Automation, work flows, and templated communications enable our teams to focus on creating a positive, consistent, and compliant patient experience.


On-Demand Access

Client portals support collaboration among stakeholders, while providing real-time metrics on patient Network activity.



We pair data encryption measures that exceed healthcare industry standards with strict access controls to ensure patient information is kept secure.



Using proven, dynamic methodologies, we define, reach, and engage patients and referral sources to maximize program impact.


Screening & Education

Our tech-enabled pre-screening capabilities allow us to qualify, inform, and segment patients for educational opportunities and trial site matching.


Patient Experience

Frequent, consistent communication among all stakeholders through easy-to-use portals ensures a streamlined, supported patient experience.

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