It’s Our Anniversary: 20 Years, 20 Reasons to Believe

A lit sparkler

By: Cheryl Lubbert

Today, we turn 20. Sixteen may be sweet, but twenty means so much more when you’re talking about the lifetime of a company. In an age of flash-in-the-pan startups, building a company that doesn’t just last – but one that grows, thrives, and defines the industry it’s a part of – is something to be proud of.

And I am proud. I’m proud of the people who have poured so much passion and energy into making Reverba what it is today. I’m proud of the people who have made the choice to share their own personal health experiences to help make a difference for others. I’m proud of the people who have dared to look beyond the status quo and do better for patients on behalf of their companies.

Without these people – our team, the health advocates we represent, and our clients – none of this would be possible. But it has been possible and that’s why I know that so much more is still possible.

I’m ready to find out what’s possible. Are you?

I can still remember the first direct-to-consumer television commercial that aired in 1995. It was revolutionary at the time, but for such a departure from the norm, it was still strikingly normal in a very notable way: it was a one-way communication.

It was talking at patients but it wasn’t listening to them.

This may have been a good way to make people aware of available treatment options, but it wasn’t a good way to understand what really mattered to them.

We knew there was the potential for so much more and that’s what led to the creation of Health Advocacy Strategies, a new kind of company, focused exclusively on amplifying people’s personal health experiences to help others and create meaningful change.

The concept took off and what started with a single client quickly grew into partnerships with many of the most forward-thinking, Fortune 500 biopharmaceutical companies in the world.

When it became clear that the technologies available were not up to the task of managing in-depth relationships with health consumers, we developed our own system from the ground up. The Advocate Resource Center (ARC) was the first platform of its kind, and our first foray into purpose-built technology

People have come to expect personalized, high-touch experiences, and we’ve made it a priority to meet these expectations by launching reverbaBRIDGE™, our latest platform for compliantly managing health engagement from pre-clinical stages, through commercial product launch, and beyond.

We’ve expanded our technology and the range of engagement solutions we offer over the years, but we’ve been careful to maintain a tight focus on programs and platforms that amplify health experiences in ways that make a meaningful impact. This our north star, the underlying principle that guides everything we do, including how we celebrate our 20th

20 isn’t about admiring ourselves. It’s about recognizing where we’ve come from, what’s worked so far, and why we stay the course. It’s about twenty reasons to believe in a better future that we make a reality through partnership between patients and the biopharmaceutical companies that support them.

Over the next 12 months, we will be sharing 20 Reasons to Believe – our twentieth anniversary campaign highlighting the goals and benefits shared by patients and biopharma and demonstrating how the best path forward is one we walk together.

That’s how you change people’s lives and that’s how you change healthcare.