About Reverba

We know people.

For more than 20 years, Reverba has partnered with biopharmaceutical companies to strengthen their connections with patients, because we know these relationships are their greatest asset.

To create a better patient experience and grow your company, you have to meet healthcare consumers where they are. We use this perspective to empower patients to use their voices and equip biopharma companies to listen effectively.

Patient engagement is in our DNA.

Early on, we recognized the importance of meeting healthcare consumers where they are and have spent more than two decades empowering them to share their experiences.

An elderly patient sits holding hands with her nurse


We approach patient relationships from both the commercial and clinical sides for company-wide growth.

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We distill qualitative and quantitative feedback into practical, actionable observations.

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All we do is patient relationships. This recruitment and engagement expertise provides insight that moves you forward.

What we do comes from who we are.

We’re passionate about challenging the status quo and transforming our industry with excellence and integrity.

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Leadership Team

Our team shares deep biopharmaceutical industry experience and a unique vision for shaping healthcare around patient needs.


Cheryl Lubbert

Chief Executive Officer

Christina Hughes

Chief Operating Officer

Pam Garfield

EVP, Strategy and Innovation

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Our Legacy

Health engagement is the reason we exist. When our company was created in 2002, “patient engagement” wasn’t a buzzword – it was an idea our founders believed in. What have we done since? We’ve made engagement not just a priority, but an imperative, for any company aiming to innovate and contribute to the healthcare landscape in a meaningful way.

Times have changed, and so have we, moving quickly to bring the most forward-thinking strategies, technologies and tools to the forefront of patient engagement initiatives. But even in this rapidly evolving landscape, the essence of what we do remains rooted in our deep belief that the power of shared experience can make a difference for millions of people.

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